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TADBAC, Inc. is a 15 year old company specializing in sales of Soil-Max tile plows, the Legacy Gradient/Intellislope water management systems, GPS and Ag Leader Technology products. We started with the purchase of a Soil-Max tile plow in 1997. While farming in northern Illinois, Tom became a believer in sub-surface drainage. In 1989 the family moved to Southern Iowa where sub-surface drainage was said not to be a benefit. As the loss of corn mounted due to drown out, Tom decided to go against the trend and purchase his first plow. With more and more people seeing the amazing results and the ease of installation with a Soil-Max plow, he started TADBAC, Inc. to assist other farmers in the installation of their own tile. As the industry changes and continues to evolve into a technological based industry, we added Ag Leader Technology products to the range of products and services we offer.

   Clint Moser (Tom's son) is based out of Garden Grove, IA.  He covers the south-central and southwestern portions of Iowa, as well as services parts of Missouri. Clint's experience includes installation of tile and equipment management since the age of 7. He is our field service and set-up manager. With extensive field experience and multiple hours of training, Clint is our "go-to" person of all hands on issues.
   Alecia Stuaan (Tom's daughter) is based out of Keota, Iowa. She covers the south-eastern portion of Iowa, as well as into parts of Illinois and Missouri. She is trained in all aspects of Ag Leader Technology and will be of assistance to any one with questions or help running their systems. Alecia's experience with seed sales and agronomy allows her to also work with zone management on farms, creating prescriptions for seeding and fertility practices. Alecia is our technical support service member and works exclusively with Ag Leader Technology's Spatial Management System. Alecia is currently a Level 1 SMS Certified Technician.

  We are expanding and growing based on what we see is the future for farming. We strive to excel in every aspect of our industry and support continuing education to better service our customers. We excel in providing customer service and continued support to all Ag Leader Technology and Soil-Max customers. 

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Alecia Stuaan

Soil-Max & Ag Leader Technology Sales

SMS Level 1 Certified Technician

Clint Moser

Soil-Max & Ag Leader Technology Sales

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